"Misfortune Far Behind" Video

Wasn't planning to release this, but maybe it'll shine a light. Dogwoods in bloom, new days dawning soon, may this song find you healthy and hopeful, Kentucky. With love - Mark, Jack, and John Melloan. I'd sure appreciate a thumbs-up and a comment on YouTube and Facebook. Say, "Alexa, play Mark Malone," or order a CD today. Free shipping. #misfortunefarbehind #kentucky #hope
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7 Rules for a “Happy Then” Marriage

by Mark Melloan

Last week, Nicole and I were discussing marriage in a small group with some other couples. It seemed like a good time to quote one of Dad's one-liners: "Hang in there like a hair in a biscuit." It got a laugh, then a discussion of whether marriage was the hair or the biscuit. We finally agreed that we're the hair, marriage is the biscuit, and even when it's hard, we need to hang in there. (Tap to keep reading...)

"Happy Then" Video

Best. Marriage. Advice. Ever. And it's from an 8-year-old. Got a rule of your own? Share it in the comments on YouTube and Facebook. Mark's new single "Happy Then" is available now. Order a CD from markmelloan.com today. Free shipping. #marriage #happythen #hallelujahlove
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Things I Feel - Mark Melloan - CMT

"Things I Feel" Video

It's here! The premiere of the "Things I Feel" music video, produced in partnership with Clark Films. When dreams and real life collide, real life has a way of winning out. That's the story we're telling here. A musician and his wife disagree about what the future holds. But as the story unfolds, their respective points-of-view aren't what you might have expected. The video presents a personal story Mark has wanted to share for a couple of years. After we wrapped the first round of production, we previewed it to folks from different walks of life, and the response was overwhelming. People get it. It resonates, especially for married folks and spouses of dreamers. Fittingly, it's something people feel. Watch it now!

"Safe" Video

This project celebrates the work of neonatal intensive care nurses. Nicole and Mark were honored to be involved in the rebranding campaign for Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky: "Norton Children's saved our baby girl's life, and two years later, she had eye surgery at the Norton Children's Medical Center on Brownsboro. Amazingly, just days before this video went live, some of closest friends were in the midst of their own NICU experience. And today, my cousin's little boy had an eye surgery very similar to Lucy's." When it comes to pediatric medical professionals, the lyric "with each new year, we'll still be here" rings true. To get personally involved with Norton Children's Hospital and their life-saving work, click here.
Heart and soul, mind and strength, this is all that we have, and it's all we can give, and it's all that it takes

Album Release

Mark's new album -- "Hallelujah Love" -- is here. It features 13 original and previously unrecorded songs, and you're invited to preview it before purchasing. Here's what Mark has to say about it: "This LP's been a long time coming. Each song means a lot to me. No throw-aways. They show some big changes in my life and outlook, and I hope they connect with you too. This project is special. It was meant to be a gift to my family. But now that it's here, I'm proud of it, and I want to share it. Thanks to everyone who helped me record these tunes! Especially Tyler, Byron, the Lehning brothers, and most of all, Nicole. Making this record has been one of the greatest experiences of my life."
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