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Heart and soul, mind and strength, this is all that we have, and it's all we can give, and it's all that it takes I like a song shaped like my soul, It fills out the emptiness and shakes off the cold The Devil's not won--the battle's just begun A good love drives out fear May the life that I'm living be happy and long There's nobody in the world who is just like you, so give yourself a try Some have gone and some have just begun, but we're all riding time as one One dream's on its way to making meaning out of empty space right as something real just slips away Love's a butterfly, high, flying on two wings landing on the limbs of only the bending trees What's mine all mine is yours all yours No trouble's gonna steal our joy, Nobody's gonna take this song from us Give me hope--a little something for the heart to hold Of all I've seen, there's nothing as real, as things I feel
Mark Melloan singer-songwriter
Gibson LG2 guitar headstock