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words/music: Mark Melloan

Verse 1:

It's not always a wonderful world here,
Life turns cold and mean,
but you, you will always be

Chorus 1:

Safe with me, in my arms,
I'll never do you harm,
With each new day, the song's the same,
Forever, you will be safe with me

Chorus 2:

Should hope run dry, Should faith go blind,
Should joy die on the vine,
with each new year, I'll still be here,
A good love drives out fear


Never walk out or waver, never run, never go,
Never leave you to reach for another hand to hold,
You can lay down beside me
with your heart and your soul,
I'll never leave you and reach for
another hand to hold


Safe with me, in my arms, you will be
safe with me, in my heart, you will be safe

Mark Melloan

vocal, acoustic guitar, producer

Tyler Cain

electric guitars

Steve Bowman


Jason Lehning

piano, mixing engineer

Stuart Duncan


Byron House

upright bass

Jordan Lehning

harmony vocal

Kevin Sokolnicki

recording engineer

Brent Truitt

recording engineer

Bob Ludwig

mastering engineer
Mark Melloan singer-songwriter
Gibson LG2 guitar headstock